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Top 10 Granite Countertop Colors

Best Granite Countertop Color Choices

Are you looking to buy low price but hot and cheap granite countertops? If so, This list of most popular granite countertops hottest granite counter tops might help you to determine what granite color to buy for your kitchen and vanity countertop projects.

In terms of geography, the most popular and hottest granites are from Brazil, India and domestically quarries in the States. China has many great quality granite suitable for fabricating countertops. However, non of them have made the top 10 list for the most popular granite countertops due to import volume for granite countertops from China stays low. Popularities of granite countertops change from time to time in consumer’s market. Discoveries of new granite quarries and closures of the old ones, shifting in architectural styles as well as the worldwide color trends largely contribute to such changes the list of hottest or most popular granite countertop colors.

1.  Brazil Black


2.  Tan Brown aka Chestnut Granite


3.  Dakota Mahogany Granite


4.  Labrador Green Granite


5.  Mahogany Blue Granite


6.  Indian Black Pearl Granite


7.  Cecillia Classic Granite


8.  Tropical Brown Granite


9.  Tropical Green Granite


10.  Verde Butterfly Granite