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Shocking Home Buyer Turnoffs

Tips For Staging Your Home To Sell

Selling your home necessitates a lot of prep labor. After all, you want to excite as many possible buyers as possible. You can spend lots of time and money adding fresh upgrades, refining your curb appeal, or staging your home. But if you make one incorrect move, it can lower your sales price, or even worse, stop a sale at all.   Interior design and remodeling just a little bit can turn on a buyer and excite them.

Make your home a stern candidate and navigate clear of these buyer turnoffs.


1. Filthy or messy homes: OK, you’ve maybe heard this one before so it’s not that shocking, but it’s a big deal. It can’t be exaggerated how essential it is to keep your home unblemished for a showing. No observable dirt or dismay, and above all, no smells. Keep buyers motivated on your home, not on your dirt.

2. Wallpaper: Worldwide truth: Homebuyers hate wallpaper. And if that wallpaper is so outdated, colors of brightness, or a certain theme, it can be difficult for an otherwise real buyer to look past it. Switch wallpaper with a neutral paint to construct a fresh, new canvas that buyers will be excited to make their own home.

3. Misrepresentative listing photos: A wide-angle camera lens can be a homebuyer’s largest nemesis. There’s little wickeder than seeing photographs of a great new listing with a gigantic kitchen, closets made for royals, and a spacious playroom — and then show up and find that each room is the size of a of post it note. Practice using pictures that display your home in its truthful light, not a false light.

4. Overpricing: You want your house to be priced so buyers feel like they’ll get a good value for what they would be paying, not so they will wait around for months until you lower the price. It’s even eviler if buyers look at your home and think, “Great house, but way not a realistic price. They must not be thoughtful about selling, so let’s move on and look at the other house.” Remember that the interior design is so very important when selling your home because first impressions are everything in this world