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Home Remodels provides the best stucco service to our customers by permanently hiring the best in the industry in Los Angeles and Orange County.  As our valued client, you will always get the very best quality sand blast and re-stucco job in LA or OC. Our stucco experts have many years of service with Home Remodels. and are dedicated to our projects and our Home Remodels company.  In this current down economy we knew there would be good skilled workers out looking for work, so we keep our eyes open for just the right talent to add to our stable. We have continued to improve our already “best in the industry” craftsmen by adding three new employees to our crew. In this difficult economy we are building for the future.

Los Angeles Sand Blasting – Irvine Sand Blasting

Painting stucco with latex or acrylic paint changes the permeability properties of the stucco system. Everyone has found out through error that painting stucco is not the way to go. If your Irvine home has been painted, Home Remodel Stucco will sand blast to remove approximately 75-100% of the old paint and deteriorated stucco. This process of removing the existing paint with a high-velocity stream of air, sand, and water is the most important and efficient form of preparation. Unfortunately, there are some contractors that will try to hydro-blast, glue and re-stucco over the existing painted surface. Los Angeles Hydro-blasting, gluing and re-stuccoing is a substandard practice and your stucco will fail.

Los Angeles Re-stucco Services – Irvine Re-stucco Company

Traditional stucco is a cement mixture used for exterior finish coat. The cement is combined with water and inert materials such as sand and lime. Walls made of genuine cement sound solid when tapped and will be less likely to suffer damage from a hard blow. Also genuine stucco holds up well in wet conditions. Although, it is porous and will absorb moisture, genuine stucco will dry easily, without damage to the structure. Stucco is not to be watered with your irrigation system or be allowed to stay wet for long periods of time. We will scrape off loose edges that the sand blasting did not remove. Then an acrylic bonder is applied on the walls, cracks are sealed and then the re-stuccoing of your home (following the procedures on your contract as agreed). Our stucco foreman will walk around the job to make sure you are happy with our work. A typical re-stucco is trowel on in one or two coats depending on the type of texture. Finish thickness will vary due to style of texture. We will usually sand blast and re-stucco the average house in one to three working days.

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