Pressure Washing

Los Angeles Pressure Washing Services

Our Los Angeles and Orange County homes are the center of our lives, it’s where we live, raise our kids and entertain guests. Keeping a well maintained home is more than about having a clean driveway or roof, it’s a statement about who we are. Having a well maintained home in Irvine can be a point of pride and satisfaction, but it’s not always so easy in Southern California. The natural climate and weather pattern can quickly turn our homes into perfect breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other contaminants, while dirt and grime constantly build up from use. Without regular care your home can go from point of pride to neighborhood eyesore and really piss off your neighbors and report you to the HOA.

Restore The Beauty Of Your Home

Los Angeles Pressure Washing offers a comprehensive line of residential pressure washing services that are designed to strip away all dirt and contaminants and restore the natural beauty of your home. Our friendly and professional technicians bring years of cleaning experience and an unparalleled commitment to quality and service to every cleaning project that we take on in both Los Angeles and the Irvine areas.

LA and OC House Washing

Every year Californian’s spend money on home improvement and remodel projects. New gardens, fancy pavers and even ornamental decorations can all add to the curb appeal of our homes. But no matter what decorations we add, if the home itself is dirty and grimy then it’s appearance will be dull and stained. Living in the coastal environment that we do, moisture in the air is a great deal.  In the nooks and crannies of your stucco or brick mold and fungus can grow, eating away at the building materials of your home and potentially harming your health and that of your loved ones.

With regular house washing service from Los Angeles Pressure Washing, you can remove these contaminants before they can do harm to you, your home or it’s appearance. Our exclusive Los Angeles house washing process ensures that your home will look it’s absolute best without harming or damaging the home itself.

LA /  OC Driveway and Sidewalk Cleaning

Your home is surrounded by concrete. Driveways, walkways and sidewalks all add to the curb appeal of your home….when they are clean and bright. Over time, the build up of dirt and stains such as oil, rust and even decomposing leaves, can turn a once bright surface into a dull and dirty eyesore. If your home is surrounded by dirty sidewalks and a stained driveway it really detracts from the home, no matter how clean it is.

Los Angeles and Irvine Roof Cleaning

Whether you have barrel tile or asphalt shingles, one of the most common detractors from the curb appeal of a home is a dirty roof. As such, there is no easier way to dramatically improve and maintain the attractiveness of your home than to keep the roof properly cleaned. But here is a question, those dark streaks that you see on your roof, is it really dirt?

That’s right, those dark areas your see on your roof are not areas of dirt it’s mold and algae and besides looking bad, over time these pests damage the shingles on your roof, reducing their effectiveness. This can cause an increase in your power bill and their premature degradation can cost you thousands to replace.

Torrance Deck and Fence Cleaning

Outdoor wooden structures such as decks and fences can really enhance the beauty and value of your property. But here in Los Angeles decks & fences take a beating. Rain, rain, rain and a scorching sun can turn a once rich looking wooden finish into an ashy grey and green eyesore. The daily wet/dry cycle that we experience here in South Florida will cause the cells of the wood itself to collapse making the wood crack and split.

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