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At Pasadena Home Remodels we look on every project as a process of collaboration with the homeowners in Pasadena California. That Pasadena home remodeling process involves building not only your home but also a long-term relationship with you and in a way your Pasadena home or condo. It is based on the same principles we apply to all our Pasadena home based projects not just Pasadena home remodeling. It’s focused and streamlined, but also detailed, meticulous and very effective with housing remodels in Pasadena.

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As with any of the Pasadena area remodel house painting services we provide, we carefully prepare the surfaces for painting. When we perform remodel interior house painting services in Pasadena, our Pasadena painting experts use the perfect Pasadena interior painting techniques for precise, clean edges. Cutting in takes steady hands and experience. We’ve got both. Your result will not be streaky or splotchy. It will simply be the flawless color your choice for your Pasadena home.

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Our process of Pasadena interior design is based on being there every step of the way, from preliminary planning, construction, and Pasadena remodeling if necessary and all the way through delivery and installations as well as picking the linens, fabrics, and even artwork.We take great pride in our Pasadena interior design choices from living rooms to kitchens to master bedrooms to outdoor patios, we love and enjoy making homes in Pasadena gorgeous.

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What color should I paint my Pasadena home?As a well-respected Pasadena painting contracting company in a diverse area like Pasadena California this is both a difficult yet very common question that we get. Deciding on an Pasadena house exterior color is much easier than deciding on Pasadena interior colors for the home, Pasadena architecture has a lot do with the Pasadena exterior colors when making a decision that’s why it becomes easier with Pasadena exterior paints.

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  • Pasadena Color Consultant For Homes
  • New Pasadena Interior Designers For Houses
  • Pasadena Plaster and Drywall Repair Specialist
  • Pasadena Home Painting Services
  • Pasadena Exterior House Painting Services
  • Pasadena Interior House Painting Services
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  • Replace Pasadena Crown Moulding and Installations
I really appreciate the fact that when I described how I wanted my rooms to look and feel, Mario really understood my personality and the atmosphere I desired to create. He and Chris worked with me in choosing colors I felt comfortable with and at the same time added an effect I probably would not have thought of on my own. I am very happy with the results and have received numerous compliments from friends and family!
Nancy Pasadena
I love Mario and Christian. Mario chooses colors I never would have and they look great. The rooms look fabulous. I always trust his professional judgment and I am never sorry. Everyone that walks into the house comments and want to know who my wonderful decorator is. I have recommended them to many of my friends. Thank you Mario and Chris!
Robert Pasadena
Mario came highly recommended to us so we called upon his talents to assist us in this process. It seemed within minutes that Mario was able to suggest colors for our stucco, wooden windows, trim and accent pieces such as shutters, wood doors and rod iron fencing. He brilliantly harmonized all the color combinations. The colors Mario chose were intuitive and right-on. It was amazing to see our home transform from an out-dated, tired-looking color scheme to an extraordinary representation of French Country design. Additionally, our home passed the architectural committees approval with rave reviews, and we continually receive compliments on the beauty of our home.
Having lived in about 20 homes, the easy part is buying them. The hard part is decorating them especially the colors! Paint can make or break a project, and most people do not have the right eye for color. Thank goodness for Mario who can create special colors just by looking at a room. He gave me the most beautiful background for my home, and made it look like it came right out of a design magazine!
Fritz Pasadena
Mario & Christian helped transform three of my homes into something I only dreamed of. They first turned our boring 50s ranch house into a retro-cool party pad. Their color choices of aqua-blue and yellow were the perfect counterpoint to the homes slick stainless steel accents and sandblasted wood ceiling. Brought to life with these fun new colors, our home was featured in Atomic Ranch magazine! Next, I purchased a home in Silverlake, California. With a limestone green Venetian plaster finish, our dining room feels like it should be in Italy. Everybody who walks in immediately says ooo while rubbing their hands over our beautiful walls. Thanks for the tip guys! Later I then moved to the Hollywood hills, about a mile underneath the famous Hollywood sign. For our classic Mediterranean home, Mario & Christian helped us choose a scrumptious palette of ochre, butterscotch, cream and honey. The results were simply delicious!
Natalie Pasadena
We hired them to remodel our 1960s bathroom. From the first consultation to the final walk through, they were professional, trustworthy, courteous, efficient and produced an unbelievable product. We were so pleased with their service that if we do any other remodel in our home, we will look solely to them for the job. We were recommended by a friend to and will continue to recommend them to anyone we meet.
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