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We comprehend that your Irvine home is your safe haven. It should expose who you and your family are and how you breathe. That is why we are devoted to providing personalized Irvine color design and Irvine color consulting services that will renovate your Irvine house into an exceptional personal announcement of whom you and your family are. By having us combine our Irvine color consulting knowledge and skill with your exact taste, together we can create and plan a paint color theme that you will be satisfied to call your Irvine home.

What color should I paint my Irvine home?

As a well respected Irvine painting contracting company in a diverse area like Irvine this is both a difficult yet very common question that we get. Deciding on an Irvine exterior paint color is much easier than deciding on Irvine interior colors for the home, Irvine architecture has a lot do with the Irvine exterior paint colors when making a decision thats why it becomes easier with exterior paints.

Our Irvine Home Color Consultant Services Include:

  • Conception of Irvine interior color palettes - arrangement of Irvine paint colors, gloss and brand, parting you with an easy to read Irvine color paint palette sheet of color swatches for their placement. (Similar aspects to exterior paint Irvine color consulting)
  • Irvine Color harmonization of furniture and fixtures in the Irvine home - color of Irvine paint direction in the assortment of new Irvine architectural finishes for the Irvine home and or specific rooms within the Irvine home.
  • Irvine Re Design - reshuffle of your current Irvine furniture in the Irvine home, fixtures and wall decor for a brand new appearance.

  • We understand many people just hire the Irvine decorator to help pick colors for the Irvine interior paint, commonly Irvine decorators end up just repeating past jobs when deciding interior paints usually going with Irvine paint colors that generally always look good. As Irvine color consultants we understand that our clients perception of colors are far more important than the standard generalizations of colors, we want the colors to make the customer feel cozy at Irvine home.

    There are other issues at hand when Irvine color consulting as well for example the light sources does play a very important role in picking a color of paint for Irvine interiors especially the kitchen and living rooms in houses in Irvine.

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