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Hello my name is Miss Natalie and I am just a normal girl and a mother of 4 who has recently realized in 2015 while searching for grommet curtain for my new Hollywood home that it is nearly impossible to find decent grommet curtains in Hollywood. I wanted grommet curtains for my living room and bedrooms in Hollywood. Yes i went to the Bed Bath and Beyond near Hollywood, I went to the Pottery Barn near Hollywood, even the Target and Walmart in Hollywood, but everything was either horrible quality of fabric or completely overpriced for colors that really did not match my furniture or room colors.

I would have thought that in Hollywood it would not be hard to find and buy grommet curtains for the living and grommet curtains for the bedroom for my home in Hollywood. It was very difficult. I did not even attempt to look for blackout grommet curtains in Hollywood. I thought to myself, I will just have to make them myself. Once i figured out how to make the custom blue grommet window curtains for the guest room as well as spruce up the window treatment design for the home in Hollywood, I started to have a lot of fun making the grommet curtains for the living room in which I did a double layer grommet curtain which composed of blackout grommet curtain on the top layer with a lace grommet curtain for the inner layer for my house in Hollywood.

How to make grommet curtains in Hollywood?

I enjoyed doing this so much for my home, that i decided to start helping people just like me out because finding grommet curtains that both fit perfectly as well as meet your desired color expectations in Hollywood is nearly impossible. Interior designers in Hollywood will try and sell you on all other services and do not have the time just to do Hollywood grommet curtains. However, myself, I just feel comfortable and very confident that I can make you very happy with my Hollywood custom grommet curtains and Hollywood window treatments. I will not try to sell you anything else because there is nothing else.

What is my process for your custom and modern Hollywood grommet curtains?

  • Phone consultation in regards to how many windows, what rooms, what area in Hollywood is the home, what is the time frame you are looking for regards to your custom curtains in Hollywood.
  • Schedule a walk through of the home in Hollywood in which myself Miss Natalie will measure all the windows desired for the grommet curtain window treatments for this Hollywood home.
  • During the walk through, I will also take note of the color palette of each specific room in which you are wanting to get custom grommet curtains done for your home in Hollywood.
  • Even though you may have color choices picked out, I still like to provide my professional opinion for your custom Hollywood grommet curtains.
  • I will than brainstorm regarding your Hollywood window grommet curtains, regards to fabric choices, fabric colors, and grommet ring colors and grommet ring patterns. I will provide to you a few options to decide from.
  • Than will get started and prepare everything for you from my studio.
  • Time to come back to your home in Hollywood and put the grommet curtains up in each room and on every window you have hired me for.

  • Currently my site http://grommet-curtains.com/ is being built.

    If you have any questions please call me Miss Natalie 818-355-4076 and if I don’t answer please ask for Mr. Mike (he’s friendly but if he talks too much...it is okay to tell him to shut up..I do it all the time)

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