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Costa Mesa Home Painting Services

Your Costa Mesa home is your biggest investment and one of your most prized possessions. If it has lost some of the spark you love and once desired, look to us, Home Remodels, for Costa Mesa house painting services in Costa Mesa that can reignite its beauty. We have almost 20 years of Costa Mesa home painting experience in residential painting and can restore your home with our many Costa Mesa painting services..

Costa Mesa Exterior House Painting Services

If you have caught part of a Costa Mesa home remodel design show or seen the Costa Mesa home remodel interior design magazines at the supermarket, you will know that the buzzword these days is curb appeal. Everyone wants to make sure their Costa Mesa home gives a great first impression. Our Costa Mesa house painting services can do that for you.

Costa Mesa exterior house painting is more than slapping on a fresh coat of paint on your home. Most of our time spent during this process is preparing the surfaces for the paint. We at, Costa Mesa Home Remodels, clean off built up dirt, grime and mildew and scrape away chipped and peeling old paint. The exterior surface is smoothed and sanded. By essentially stripping the surface, we are producing the best conditions to apply exterior paint to the Costa Mesa home. The product you choose for your exterior house painting services will last longer and look better on your Costa Mesa property.

Costa Mesa Interior House Painting Services

You do not need to feel trapped inside an ugly Costa Mesa home any more in Costa Mesa! We can update the colors on your walls, remove Costa Mesa wallpaper and popcorn ceilings and make you feel at home again in a beautiful and cozy home in Costa Mesa. Even if you are not great with color combinations we do color consulting, there is still hope for you. Before we begin our Costa Mesa interior house painting services in Costa Mesa, CA, we will discuss with you a theme or color scheme that is appealing to you and find the perfect match.

We will consider the size of the room and amount of light in order to suggest the right finish and interior paint color for your Costa Mesa home. A small room can appear larger when painted with a lighter hue and tone. Large rooms can seem more cozy with a darker treatment of paint. If your room gets a lot of light, you will want to stay away from a glossy finish that will reflect the light too much due to the fact that will glare and get really annoying.

As with any of the Costa Mesa area remodel house painting services we provide, we carefully prepare the surfaces for painting. When we perform remodel interior house painting services in Costa Mesa, our Costa Mesa painting experts use the perfect Costa Mesa interior painting techniques for precise, clean edges. Cutting in takes steady hands and experience. We have got both. Your result will not be streaky or splotchy. It will simply be the flawless color your choice for your Costa Mesa home.

Costa Mesa Faux Finishing

When it pertains to interior painting any interior surface in your Costa Mesa house or condo, the options are unlimited. There are so many more choices in the world today than just painting your walls a boring solid color. A fashionable and trendy option for Costa Mesa houses and homes is a Costa Mesa faux finished wall. The Costa Mesa Faux finishes that are used can give the insinuation of luxurious materials such as Italian marble.

If you are searching and wanting something diverse in place of a solid color-boring wall, then contemplate a Costa Mesa faux finish. Our Costa Mesa Faux finishes can look like the touch of marble, wood grain, glazed finish, an antiqued look, and many others.

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